What Distinguish us
Our concept of ‘Mode’, the knowledge of the market and its requirements, allows us to be highly productive, guaranteeing the satisfaction and the confidence of clients. Dynamism, creativity, commitment and loyalty are what we pledged. We offer a wide range of modular office furniture to revolutionize the industry with exquisite designs, superior style and unique finishes.

We complement our intelligent and functional way of working with Reseller, Office Advising and Layout & Design services, making our work unique and personalized.
Swiss Office Mode - Developed Projects
Know some of the projects already developed by the brands that we represent!


We work closely with our resellers, partners and clients. We believe that the secret of good management is based on attention to detail and cost effectiveness. We aim not only to provide solutions, but to be instrumental in the areas of importing and distributing professional furniture brands.

We provide solutions to all companies that seek our services, thus adapting to the requests and needs of our clients.

We focus on personalized and unique service. It is essential to establish close professional relationships to meet clients’ requirements more effectively. The detail with which we treat each client is essential.

We cement relationships through trust and credibility; this is the only way we can achieve business goals and financial results that are beneficial to both parties.


Quality and Durability
We are proud to promote products that excel in quality and durability. We believe delivering a piece built to these principles will only benefit our partners. High production standards make the furniture more durable, and this, combined with the quality of the design, allows us to present modern and refined solutions.
Innovation is essential to have a competitive advantage in the market, and this is what distinguishes us from our competitors. Our products are the result of a studious, thoughtful and creative process.
Own design

We have a unique and exclusive design. We present innovative solutions and techniques that assist our clients daily routine. We are singular and unique!

Tailor Made
Every client need is assessed in detail. Our work is tailor-made. Our Modular Offices are adaptable to the needs of any company.

Think global, act local!

Social Responsibility

Nowadays, companies are increasingly aware of and willing to assume their ecological, social and economic responsibilities. Swiss Office Mode is no exception; we perceive these responsibilities not only as a duty, but also as a foundation of our company culture. The furniture produced by the Brands we represent is based on principles of recyclability and being harmless to people and the environment.

We believe that our success is based on these factors. Our impact will always be greater if we are committed to environmental and social causes.