What is Swiss Office Mode?

    Swiss Office Mode is distinguished by its activities within the creative modular area in the furniture design market. We are a multi-brand infrastructure with a team of dedicated professionals ready to serve our partners.

    Where can I find the Swiss Office Mode Offices?

    Our offices are in Miami. Pay us a visit and learn more about the Swiss Office Mode universe.

    Why choose Swiss Office Mode?

    We provide a unique experience based on exceptional expertise in the areas of Resale, Office Advising and Layout & Design.

    What does Swiss Office Mode offer?

    Swiss Office Mode offers value-added and cross-sectional services to those looking for modular, functional and intelligent furniture solutions. Learn more about our Reseller Programs, Office Advising and Layout & Design.

  • Services

    What does it mean to be a Swiss Office Mode Reseller?

    Swiss Office Mode dealers absorb our ideology and experience to maximize workspaces with functional, modular and intelligent solutions. This is the commitment they make and is delivered to their clients.

    What are the advantages of being a Swiss Office Reseller?

    Through the Swiss Office Mode Reseller Program you have access to exclusive Brands and an integrated service that will help expand your product portfolio.

    What is the support given to the Swiss Office Mode Reseller Program?

    Throughout the Swiss Office Mode Reseller Program we try to differentiate the service with a personal and personalized contact. We make a point of supervising the entire process of management and logistics.

    What is the profile of a Swiss Office Mode Office Advisor?

    The profile of a Swiss Office Mode Office Advisor is that of someone who can give competent, experienced and knowledgeable professional advice in Layout & Design. This specialized service seeks to facilitate the corporate relationships of those who are looking to partner with us.

    What are the advantages of using Swiss Office Mode Office Advising?

    Our Office Advising service ensures your office has the Swiss Office Mode seal of approval and guarantee. In addition to enhancing your company, we add value to your portfolio for your clients.

    What support is given by the Office Advisor?

    During the advisory process we carry out personalized follow-ups, transmitting market information, creating solutions and trouble-shooting.

    How does the Layout & Design process work?

    Contact Swiss Office Mode for a cross-sectional and enhancing solution for your office. You choose the layout and the products and we take care of assembly and installation.

    What are the advantages of using Layout & Design Swiss Office Mode?

    By using the Layout & Design service you are buying a complete and functional solution. This saves on resources and costs.

    What is the support given during the Layout & Design process?

    The support provided is thorough and complete. From choosing to completion, we are always ready to help.

  • Quality and Warranties
    What Warranties does Swiss Office Mode provide?

    Warranties on work and quality are stipulated in any contractual relationship Swiss Office Mode undertakes. In all our relationships we seek to establish trust, security and transparency.

    Are Swiss Office Mode clients, resellers and partners legally protected?

    See our Terms and Conditions page. For more information contact us to learn more about the conditions of each service we offer.

    How does Swiss Office Mode conduct quality control?

    Through a judicious process, each of the parts of the brands we represent undergoes strict quality control in order to obtain the necessary approval and be marketed.

    Can I view the products physically?

    You can see the products of the Brands we represent on our website. See “Brands”.

    Are Swiss Office Mode’s brands’ products authentic and registered?

    All trademarks are registered and patented by the competent authorities.

  • Permissions and Privacy
    Is my data protected?

    Any content or personal data that is sent to the Swiss Office Mode website is subject to a Privacy Policy and the protection of personal data set forth in the Swiss Office Mode Privacy Policy.

    Will Swiss Office Mode share my data with other entities?

    Swiss Office Mode does not commercialize any personal data in its database, using it solely for internal use and promoting advertising campaigns among the data’s holders.

    Do you use cookie technology?

    Swiss Office Mode uses Cookies to improve user performance and experience. For more information, we recommend reading our Terms and Conditions.