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Made-to-Measure Layout & Design!

Swiss Office Mode’s Layout & Design service was created to help companies equip their workspaces to maximize productivity and achieve success. Fulfill your goals with our office solutions, layout and design services, extensive product knowledge and unique branding.

Space Maximization

Swiss Office Mode solutions seek to maximise the space available for assembly and installation of our Modular Office Furniture. It is essential to find a balance between space and functionality.

Adaptable and customizable solutions
What client doesn’t want to feel like more than just another customer? They want to feel unique. We adapt our resources and throughout the creative process pay attention to the individual needs of each client.
Differentiating Design

We open the door to furniture that has a personal touch, refinement and subliminal finishes. We want each and every office to be unique and distinguished!

Tailored Styling
What could be better than a tailor-made office? Only with Swiss Office Mode offices! The client’s wish is our command. Our results are based on your goals!
We have our own tools and resources at your disposal to help you plan your next professional office project. We are your best solution!
Support - Rigorous Budgeting- Swiss Office Mode
Rigorous Budgeting

We seek to maximize the fulfilment of the goals defined by clients. We optimize our services to reduce costs and expenditure where necessary.

Support - Just In Time - Swiss Office Mode
Just in time

We provide tailor-made solutions with the intention of responding to all needs that are put to us.

Transport - Swiss Office Mode
Transportation and Installation

We provide fast delivery services anywhere in the country, as well as the installation of the material.

Our Tools - Swiss Office Mode
Our tools

We have software like pCon Planner that helps create spaces and with the Layout & Design process.

Some Developed Projects by our Brands
With the aim of presenting the most diverse combinations of modular office furniture, we offer solutions that adapt to everyone, whether at work or at the level of well-being.


Layout & Design - Swiss Office Mode

I looked for the Swiss Office Mode because I had needed help to create a capable one that could adapt to my needs. The work I do everyday compels me to have a very own workflow and I found what I was looking for here.

Christine Mackenzie
FROM: Innovative Ideas
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Want to become an SOM Reseller?


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Do you need a Swiss Office Mode Advisor?

Do you need a Swiss Office Mode Advisor?

Office Advising

Swiss Office Mode has dedicated professionals with the know-how and skills to meet the needs of those who turn to us in search of modular office furniture solutions. Be an extension of our intelligent and functional ideology.