Anyone who has a job will surely understand the importance of being productive.

Productivity can be defined as the relation between production and the factors of production employed. Through this relationship, we can extrapolate that the fewer factors used in the production of a good or service, the greater the productivity of the worker.

The question is: how can you be more productive?

1. Do not spend time unnecessarily on social networks
You might not even realize it, but if you add up all the small breaks you take throughout a whole day, you could be amazed. Five minutes here to check your Facebook updates; a few more minutes there to go back and share a photo. On top of everything else, these short breaks disrupt the pace of work.

2. Stick to schedules
It might not seem like it, but respecting schedules, especially breaks, is very important for the productivity of workers. Having a set lunchtime, for example, means that a meeting will have to reach a head because workers need that break. That is why deadlines work.

3. Learn to say no
There is always that one person in the office who will say yes to whatever their colleagues ask of them. However, if those tasks requested by colleagues begin to interfere with your work load, it may be time to start saying no. If it is not a priority or something important, do not be afraid to turn them down.

4. Define priorities
Some workers low productivity stems from their inability to set priorities. They get stuck in without knowing where to start first and what can be left for later.

5. Turn off unnecessary noises
Having your inbox constantly open and emails pinging in there can be a distraction. Most of the time, you would not need to answer them immediately, but having those emails pinging will stop you from focusing on the task at hand to read what has just come in.