Working in an office usually involves spending a lot of time sitting in a chair. So how can you choose the right one for you?

The number of people working in offices is growing. Most of them will spend a whole day sitting in a chair, working in front of a computer screen.

However, this position is detrimental to your health. Back problems arising from the amount of time spent in that position has become a common complaint.

How can you avoid such problems?

To avoid the emergence of back problems, preventive action must be taken. One form of action is to be careful with your posture. But equally important is the choice of an ergonomic chair; it should respond to the demands of your body and spine, and supports and promotes good posture.

What features should the chair have?

1. It should be adjustable – In terms of sitting height, arm length, and inclination, among others. The greater the adjustment options, the greater the likelihood that it will be compatible to your needs.

2. Keep back support in mind – If you spend many hours sitting, it is important that the chair accommodates the curvature of your spine.

3. Take upholstering into account – The material of the chair should be sufficiently padded to be comfortable for long periods of time. A leather covering is more resistant but a covering in fabric is healthier because it breathes better.

4. Try different chairs – Don’t just read about features of the chair before you buy it. It is important to actually try out various chairs, sitting in them, to see which best suits your needs.

So now the next time you need to buy one you know how to choose the best one for your health.