Whether you’re equipping an office for the first time, or a changing your current office, do you know what to buy?

When we begin to envision our office, it is important to understand what is essential for the execution of the tasks. Identifying this will allow an optimization of functions and time.

Learn some tips that will help you equip your office in an elegant and functional way.


The MAHIA Executive Desk gives your office a very individual look with all the functionality you need. With a large surface, it is able to accommodate the needs of each user.

To make your work environment minimal and organized, it has a removable tray to hide computer cables.


The MAHIA Executive Cabinet is an item of furniture that prizes usability. Its design is characterized by its simple lines and versatility. The metallic structure gives it the robustness necessary to support any type of equipment that needs to be placed on it.


The Laida is a chair that is defined by comfort. With a high back and a fabric lining, you will not notice the hours pass when you sit on it.

Its ergonomic shape distributes weight equally, eliminating any cause of discomfort. Its aluminum arms – adjustable to the height of each person – allow it to support correct posture.


As we live in a technological world, this is an essential work tool. Fixed or portable, with little or lots of processing power, the choices are numerous.

Work Tools

While some work tools will be found in all offices, other certain tools are essential, but vary by function. Billing software is essential for an accountant, while a designer needs image editing software.


Pens, ballpoint pens, pencils, markers, rubbers and sharpeners, among others. The options are many and can be to the liking of each person.


If writing material is needed, it’s safe to assume see that writing paper is also needed. From single sheets to full packs, the choices are many.