If your job involves sitting in front of a desk, it is time to follow these recommendations.

You’re possibly reading this article while behind desk. Whether it’s in your home office or at work, the truth is that every day we spend many hours sitting in front of a desk.
Stop what you are doing right now and evaluate your posture. Check your back, legs, arms and objects you are interacting with (mouse, keyboard, etc).

Your current position may even be comfortable but is it a healthy posture? Follow the instructions below to find out if you are doing something wrong.

Choose a desk and chair

There are several desks and chairs (link to the FAMO SWISS products page) available on the market with different characteristics. Obviously, you will have to choose the one best suited to your tasks and your physiognomy. When you sit down, you should keep your wrists and your forearms straight and parallel to the desk.

Feet resting on the floor

When you sit on the chair, your feet should be flat on the floor and your legs should be bent comfortably about 90 degrees. Also, the legs should not be crossed.

Screen position

You need to be aware of how far you are from the screen and how high it is. The screen should be located as far away from you as possible. But it should allow you to see without problems and without needing to get closer to it. The top of the screen should be level with your eyes.

Take breaks

As comfortable as you may be, it is important to take breaks. Ideally every hour, you should get up from your chair and walk a little on foot. This is one of the best ways to combat health problems that come from sitting too long.