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Professional advice on equipping a workspace with adaptable modular furniture is an invaluable asset when looking to meet the needs of those who turn to us. Not only do Swiss Office Mode Advisors lend their expertise and professionalism to our corporate relationships, they also provide all the tools necessary to reconfigure workspaces. This specialized service seeks to facilitate the corporate relationships with those who want to partner with us.

Partnership with Experts

Meeting the needs of our partners is our mission. The experience that Swiss Office Mode brings to the different areas in which it operates, makes us the ideal partner to help redefine the concept of modular office furniture.

Access to Exclusive Brands

We work with quality brands that boast superior design and a tailor-made touch. Being a Swiss Office Mode partner means spreading the refinement and magic of Office Modular Furniture of excellence.

Culture of Innovation

We create inspiring workspaces and environments that are more effective and innovative, that increase productivity, and the creativity of collaborators. Understanding this need is a big step towards creating a better corporate culture.

Custom Partnership Program

The fact that we are closely linked to the process of manufacturing and distributing the brands we represent allows us to know the whole production line of the brands. In this way, we are closer to responding more effectively to the needs of our partners in each stage of our Office Advising.


Take advantage of our expertise to help develop your business and manage your logistics.

Our Tools - Swiss Office Mode
Our Tools

We have at our disposal software such as pCon Planner, which helps design the professional space of clients.

Support - Transportation and Installation - Swiss Office Mode
Personalized Office Advising

SOM professionals will share their know-how and work methodology in their fields of expertise, to advise which solution is most appropriate for you. We provide ready-made training and tools to enhance our partners services.

Support - Rigorous Budgeting- Swiss Office Mode
Product Advising

We select products to complement the style and space of workplaces.

Support - Reseller SOM
Product Information

In order to streamline the response of our partners to their clients, we provide all the necessary information on product lines.


Office Advising Testimonial - Swiss Office Mode

I looked for the Swiss Office Mode because I had needed help to create a capable office that could adapt to my needs. The work I do everyday compels me to have a very own workflow and I found what I was looking for here.

Clara Rose

FROM: Exquisite Furniture Partners
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Want to become a Swiss Office Mode Reseller?

Want to become an SOM Reseller?

Be part of our Reseller Program and become a Swiss Office Mode Reseller. Learn more about the advantages of belonging to a universe created and designed for success.

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Creativity is the essence of everything we do and at the heart of Swiss Office Mode. We offer cross-sectional solutions and services. Clients show us what they need and we take care of the rest.