Benefits & Advantages

Why become a SOM Reseller?

We are looking for resellers who want to carry on our goals and vision! The commitment made to us is the same commitment to be delivered to their customers.


Our Modular Office Furniture is a bonus for all of our resellers, being adaptable to different needs and maximizing workspaces!

Increase consumer involvement

Invest in brands renowned for their quality. We have a network of partners that are an added bonus to the workspaces they serve.

Strategic Investment

Expand your product portfolio while delivering positive impacts on your profits under exceptional conditions.

Generate a safe return

We want to boost your business. Through long-term sustainable growth, we generate profits and returns according to defined goals.

Reseller Network Appreciation
Enjoy a unique service in terms of support and experience. Our professionals provide personalized services tailored to our dealers.
Take advantage of our expertise to help develop your business and manage your logistics.
Our Tools - Swiss Office Mode
Our Tools

We have at our disposal software such as pCon Planner, which helps design the professional space of clients.

Support - Transportation and Installation - Swiss Office Mode
Personalized Consulting

We help improve financial and logistical operations. We train and assist in the layout and display of products in stores. We add value to more complex projects.

Transport - Swiss Office Mode
We guarantee the transportation and installation of all our materials!
Support - Reseller SOM
Product Information

We provide informative material, such as catalogs of the product lines we sell and are constantly updating. We introduce new product lines whenever they are made available by brand designers.

Bundles - Swiss Office ModeBundles - Swiss Office ModeBundles - Swiss Office ModeBundles - Swiss Office ModeBundles - Swiss Office Mode
Bundles - Swiss Office Mode

Cost maximization

Bundles - Swiss Office Mode

Just In Time

Bundles - Swiss Office Mode

Personalized service

Available for resale across the country
Wherever you are in the country, transportation of our products is guaranteed. Whichever State you are in, we are ready and willing to share the Swiss Office Mode ideology.

I found in Swiss Office Mode solutions with a great quality and was able to adapt to the specific needs of each of my client.
I feel proud to be a Swiss Office Mode reseller and recommend it to anyone.

John Spencer
FROM: Spencer Office Furnitures
We also Offer

Do you need a Swiss Office Mode Advisor?

Do you need a Swiss Office Mode Advisor?

Office Advising

Swiss Office Mode has dedicated professionals with the know-how and skills to meet the needs of those who turn to us in search of modular office furniture solutions. Be an extension of our intelligent and functional ideology.

Do you need a Layout & Design project?

¿Necesita un proyecto de Layout & Design?
Layout & Design
Creativity is the essence of everything we do and at the heart of Swiss Office Mode. We offer cross-sectional solutions and services. Clients show us what they need and we take care of the rest.